Ayush Homam

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Ayush Homam is the vedic fire ritual organized for a newly born baby for his/her healthy life. Ayush homam is performed for an individual to lead diseases free with longevity life.

Ayush homam plays a vital role in improving the spheres of life by minimizing the health disorders and maximizing the health, wealth,long life. Hence Ayush homam is one the most important Hindu rituals to be done for new born babies.

When to Perform Ayush homam ?

Ayush Homam is dedicated to Ayur Devatha to increase their long life and well being. Ayush homam is one such, performed on the completion of first year of birth Nakshatra.

Benefits of Ayush homam :

★ Ayush homam is suitable one for eliminating health disorders

★ New born babies are largely benefited by this homam that helps for preventing health problems

★ Ayush homam show ways for curing health diseases and removing obstacles by addressing exact health disorders

★ Ayush homam minimizes bad and evil effects of the planets

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