homam to remove graha dosha Navagraha Homam

navagraha shanti puja

The Navagraha Homam is the function which is done for all the Nine Grahas. The nine planets control every single feature of every human's life and it has the power to improve a human's life instantly right away .

This homam is done to get all benefits from all the 9 grahas followed by the chorus sounds of Navagraha Mantram and then done this function by doing nine type of daanyams, flowers, colored vastra little bit & naivedhyas to the grahas and receive the blessings all the 9 grahas.

When To Perform Navagraha Homam?

  • Particular date is fixed according to one's star the yoga and thithi of that special date for doing homam. Book Your Iyer/Pandit for Navagraha Homam

Significance and Benefits

  • Overcome sufferings
  • Get rid of obstacles
  • Encounter success in all endeavors
  • Benefit from the luck factor
  • Attain blessings from all 9 planets
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