pratyangira devi homam procedure Pratyangira Devi Homam

homam to remove black magic

Performing Pratyangira Devi Homam discharges every one of the Barriers which is make more issues throughout our life. Devi Pratyangira is the considered as one of the exceptionally Ferocious appearances of goddess Devi who is sitting in lion. She is likewise connected with Shoolayini Durga and Bhadrakali amman. This glourious work is one of the effective and shields one from Black enchantment and furthermore from different issues.

This Homam is improved the situation Devi Pratyangira took after by the chorale hints of Devi Pratyangira Mantram and afterward doing the service utilizing Dried Red Chillies for the Agni maatha and for to gift from Devi Pratyangira

When To Perform Pratyangira Devi Homam?

  • Date is fixed according to one’s star the yoga and thithi of that special date for doing homam.. Amavasai, Pournami or Fridays are the best day to perform Pratyangira Devi Homam. Book your Pandit/Iyer Online for Pratyangira Devi Homam

Significance and Benefits

  • Overcome negativity
  • Access positive energy
  • Triumph over enemies
  • Avert accidents
  • Negate influence of evil eye
  • Keep hostile elements away
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