• It is a highly energetic and powerful piece which is made of 9 powerful stones so all above powers automatically come in navapashaanam with special effects of mercury.
  • It removes all planets effects instantly and provides a special life force to the wearer.
  • Also, it increases the spiritual energy to get success in spiritual practices as it opens the chakra and activates kundalini energy.
  • If this gutika place in mouth or wear it removes all diseases and powers of all nine stone with mercury transfers in the body. It also traverses the mercury into the body making the body healthier and strong.
  • Due to amazing properties, it provides success in all sadhanas and increases the energy flow.
  • It provides special powers like telepathy, future vision, divine body, connection to higher self, etc
  • It removes MANGAL DOSH, PITRA DOSH, KAL DRAMUK DOSH, KAL SARP DOSH and many other evil yog of your horoscope.
  • The wearer will feel high energy, divine, and a sharp mind, long-lasting memory and healthy body.
  • It opens the higher level and provides wish fulfillment and success in each work.