Chain And Rings


  • All the benefits described in beads would be experienced in above all rosaries with much greater power and effects.
  • It is so powerful that one can feel the intense energy flow and heating effects while holding or wearing it.
  • It is called the brahmand bedhan mala as it can able to transform the person from normal to the supernatural. It evokes supernatural powers and its effects are mesmerizing.
  • Any type of tantra or mantra sadhana if performed in this mala than success ratio is increased by 1000 times and also one can achieve perfect results and success with this rosary.
  • If meditation is performed while wearing this mala than within a few minutes our mind becomes peaceful and linked to the higher self or with the inner realm.
  • It is said that this rosary removes all the coming unfortunate events in one's life.
  • No tantra or black magic even dares to harm such a person having this rosary.
  • There is no match with this rosary and one should try to get this at any cost because few are left having knowledge of making such rosary.


  • Highly powerful and energetic and give complete transformation and provide a complete healthy and youthfull body. It is called the fountain of youth.
  • It removes all planetary effects and toxins inside body and activates chakras and kundalini.
  • Success in sadhana and meditation and a great positive energy around you.