Nava paashanam is one of the most appreciated Siddha medicinal concoction known to mankind. Nava tends to nine and Paashanam tends to poisonous substance. Through the hindu mythology siddhars and great saints predict that people of universe may get into dark hour a dark age well-known as kali-yuga. In this dark age people will suffer and die from many diseases never even known to doctors and with other medical treatments.

By focusing on the sufferings of the dark age known as kali-yuga the Siddhas had assigned the great Siddhar Bogar to develop a process by which people who worship God in the form of Lord Muruga and will be free from the troubles of dark phase and survive happily with health

The great siddhar Bohar focused on nava paashanam 9 substances and created a famous statue. Now the statue is currently worshipped by millions of people at Palani Malai.

Navapaashanam Invention :

Siddhar Bohar added together nine different kinds of poisonous substances used in Siddha medicine. In Siddha medicine Paashanams are created using very complex herbo-mineral physiochemical process to render them medicinal and remove the poisonous nature to bring super strong medicinal composite qualifying two major criterias

★ Durability

★ Medicinal action

These two properties together gave statue that had a sustained release of curative levels of the nava paashana into any abhisheka (bathing of statue) used on it. People who would consume the abhiskeam done on the lords idol will get medicinal amount of nava pashaanam and hence be cured of illness

Navapashanam statue

Healing of Nava paashanam :

The healing level of Nava paashanam depends on the people’s faith in Lord since it is a spiritual medicine prepared in a yogic process of potent cosmic energy.

Nava paashanam will use :

★ The five sheaths

★ The nava grahas

★ The pancha boothas

Nava paashanam will control the effect of negate malicious planetary effects on human system

Human being has never witnessed any single medicinal preparation that could achieve this kind of total effect.

The scope of medicine and spiritual processes need not be explained anywhere. Nava paashanam is simply a curable siddha medicine for all diseases

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