Pirandai is a plant that grow as climbers. Pirandai’s are climbers is adaptable to grow every where even in garden of a home pirandai only needs some kind of support in garden to grow vertically in garden.

Pirandai are great space savers and can be used to provide masses of foliage so are useful to cover walls, trees or a fence. This climbers grows easily everywhere

Pirandai is also called as “Adamant Creeper”, Devil’s Back Bone, Veldt Grape”. Pirandai’s botanical name is Cissus quadrangularries.

Health benefits of Pirandai :

★ Best worming medicine

★ Pirandai treat piles, menstrual problems

★ Pirandai gives remedy for ear pain

★ It cures indigestion, bone fractures and sprains

Natures of Pirandai :

★ Pirandai is itchy in nature but if we properly manipulate pirandai, we can avoid itchiness in your hands

★ Always pick tender pirandai

★ Young pirandai is flexible can easily broken with hands. Ageing it thickens

★ To avoid itching in the hands, smear your hands with a bit of sesame oil before manipulating pirandai

★ Remove the nodes of pirandai too

★ Aged Pirandai is similar to drum stick



Pirandai Dishes :

Pirandai chutney or thogayal is very famous. Even people who have indigestion complications can intake pirandai at least weekly twice in their diet

Pirandai made of poultice is also sued extensively for treating sprains.

Pirandai thogayal treats problems like :

★ Gastristis

★ Indigestion

★ Lack of appetite