Vastu Consultancy Services

Vastu shastra is a traditional Hindu System culture which in terms defined as “science of architecture”

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Vastu sastra principles :

★ Principle of design for Constructions

★ Layout measurement

★ Ground preparation

★ Space arrangement

★ Spatial Geometry

Many ancient temples are constructed based on vastu-sastra principles

Vastu Terminology :

The Sanskrit word vastu means a dwelling A house with a corresponding plot of land

Dwelling place, habitation homestead, house

★ Kaavidesam incorporates expert vastu consultation they are professionals in vastu sastras

★ Indus valley Civilization

★ Kapila vatsyayam

Are great scriptures that contains all information of vastu. Kaavidesam offers best vastu consultant offering vastu shastra services and vaidic-vastu services residential vastu services commercial vastu services and corporate vastu services

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Energy Scanning Services :

Energy scanning is an globally recommended technology in Vastu. The main objective of this scan is to find all positive/ negative vibes of a plot, ground, building or commercial site This scanning services works through digital scanner it will deliver result of a particular premises within few minutes

Feng Shui

★ Feng Shui is an integral part in Vastu a Chinese invention, it is a art of positioning and placement of different objects to correct Vastu corrections. It provides positive energy and improvement of health on mental physical and emotional level

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